Basement Waterproofing Columbia MO

Your basement may not be filled with water, but that does not mean that it is waterproof. Water could be collecting in places you don’t realize and weakening the foundation your home relies on. The longer these problems persist, the more consequential they become. If left untreated, they can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home. Water is incredibly efficient at seeping into any area where it can, and without proper waterproofing, small openings, cracks, and leaks because of major issues.

Our basement waterproofing services are designed to help mitigate these effects.

It’s best to get these waterproofing issues sorted out before they turn into a larger issue. With a rainy spring and summertime on the way, it’s best to get these basement issues solved now. Triad Waterproofing has the experience and technical acumen to help prevent basement flooding.

We provide a comprehensive list of waterproofing services to customers in Columbia.

Our trained technicians can diagnose your problem, fix it carefully, and make sure the repairs last as long as you live in the home. If you have noticed cracks, bowing, damp floors, or leaking walls, seek out our services immediately before they get worse.

Experienced and Dependable

Our waterproofing contractors are deeply experienced with a wide variety of issues and can provide residential waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing services.

Home Waterproofing Contractors

Our homes are our refuge and haven so it is natural for homeowners to take care and constantly check up on their homes for any damage. Especially with the changing seasons, sunny days may turn to rainy days so it is better to be prepared for the worst. Have your home shielded by waterproofing and have the best contractors to do so. Our company offers two ways of residential waterproofing as follows:

Interior Waterproofing

One method of waterproofing your home is from inside of the basement. Water can enter the basement, and then is forcibly managed away. This method often requires concrete breakout, includes sump pumps, and affords a shorter installation time.

Exterior Waterproofing

Another method of residential waterproofing is from the outside. This method is designed to help stop the water before it enters your basement. This method often requires excavation of the basement wall and includes an exterior moisture barrier. Since work is not performed inside the home, it is also a great way to waterproof a finished basement that is used regularly.

Commercial Waterproofing Contractors

To have the best of your business, be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, and have your facilities be waterproofed. Our company’s waterproofing encompasses a wide variety of specialty applications of different waterproof products. That includes the professional installation of waterproofing materials that keep water out of buildings and parking garages. Whether waterproofing a new or existing structure, regardless if the service need is preventative or reactive, our comprehensive waterproofing and caulking services keep the water out of your vicinity.

Have happy customers and fulfilled employees with a waterproofed building!

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